Ebc Ebc Brake Pad Trike Models 2014-15 Fa638

EBC Brakes offer a full line of brake pads and brake shoes for most street bikes, dirt bikes and ATVs.

    Standard Shoes:  FS rated, higher rating than O.E.M. shoes for better stopping power.
    Grooved Shoes:  FG rated, high friction grooved linings,
        efficiency improves with heat, for wet  and muddy conditions.  listed with suffix G

    Black Coded:  Street Sport / Touring with Kevlar® Aramid fibre composite, the most popular pad for street use. 

    V series:   Heavy duty organic/copper sintered material gives the feel of an organic pad with the wear characteristics of a sintered pad. Great for larger touring bikes, offers stable braking with minimal pad/rotor wear and lower brake dusting of wheels.

    Double-H:  High friction superbike/race sintered formula. Double-H sintered pads offer the maximum brake effect and a lifetime approximately double that of any organic pad.  

    Extreme Pro:  Race inspired pads with a very exotic blend of sintered bronze including Tungsten and Moly metal to bring you the grippiest, most fade resistant pad we have ever tested.


# Limited Edition Chrome backing plate. Add "C" to end of part number.

Price: 26.22